About me

I am Serge Maurice Lobréau,Founder at SAPIAN and FLASH GROUP I am designing disruptive products and services into the financial area To bring financial inclusion for the common good


The place I was born and have been shaped

I was born in Mbuji-Mayi late 70’s in what we use to call Zaïre. what looked at that time as normality with my african eyes, appeared to be a very tough existence for my future European eyes. We use to have less than nothing, but I cannot remember a day I was not HAPPY. That teach me that no matter life hurdles and difficulties just smile and everything will be OK!


The place I Grew up and transformed

I used to think that Europe was in the sky when I was very young in Africa. When I land in Charles de Gaulle Airport in 1989, the images on TV from people breaking the Berlin Wall crying and hugging burned into my memory. I immediately understood that observation and fast learning fast were paramount to survive.

The world

The place I am evolving

I worked and lived over 5 continents with a tropism in Africa as I personally visited 44 countries on 54! I am a global. Citizen and the world is my home.As such, everything I am doing and especially in business has a global blueprint. And I am trying to think as much as possible to build solutions for the greater good.


I got 15 years of experience where I started within the hedge fund sector where due to my excellent Memoire during my Master degree on derivative based wealth creation made me being head hunted to another important role to sell major restructuring and derivatives based financial products at a country level

Experience Entrepreneur

Flash Group

Our solution provides utility pegged coin with a controlled volatility,and exchanger services with the lowest cost in the market. Our technology combines regular financial services and blockchain-powered finance technology to bring users an efficient solution and empowerment in their daily financial transactions.

Spaian Group

Sapoan Group is the holding company for various wealth management, aset management, sales channel services and Blockchain associated businesses within the group. The group is licenced in Europe(Estonia) holding eWallet, Exchange and financial institution licences

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